Claudia Flores

TEPUY DESIGN is an Architectural Consultant group leaded by two experienced architects: Jesus Ziegler and Claudia Flores; both with more than 14 years of experience in design and project management providing architectural services especially in residential and commercial projects.


Architect | Founder

Jesus Ziegler

Architect with wide experience in architectural design especially in residential and commercial field with a big range of successful built projects. He's a very passionate designer with a big commitment with excellence. Every project is a challange and a big oportunity to develop new ideas.


His wide experience in construction field and as Project Manager has made him understand the complexity of the design process as a whole, where every element has a purpose and every detail counts.

Architect | Founder

She's an Architect and Designer with great sensibility to combine architecture and arts into a single living space. Her wide experience in residential and commercial projects had made her explore into new concept design ideas that brings to another level the architectural experience.


Every single project is a new opportunity and a new begining, a chance to explore and plan better spaces for human deveopment.